territorial jurisdiction for local 111

Local # 111 claims the following territory in Iowa starting in the Northeast:

  • Jackson County in its entirety    

  • Jones County:
    from the Dubuque County line and D61 Southwest to Highway 136. Follow Highway 136 South to X64. X64 South to the Jones-Cedar County line  

  • Cedar County:
    X64 at the Cedar - Jones County line South to Highway 30. Highway 30 West to Highway 38. Highway 38 South to Interstate 80. Interstate 80 West to X46. X46 South to the Cedar - Muscatine County line 

  • Muscatine County: 
    X46 South to Highway 6. Highway 6 West to Highway 70. Highway 70 South to Highway 22
    Highway 22 East to X43. X43 South to the Muscatine Louisa County line East to the Mississippi River

  • Louisa Generating Station in Muscatine, IA is the territory of Local #111

  • Scott  

  • Scott County: in its entirety

  • Clinton County: in its entirety

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